“Faking” it til you make it

How many of you have heard of this saying? What does it mean for you? Well in NLP ( ) there is this exercise called mental rehearsal it’s what a lot of Actors, Athletes, Sports People and other successful people! It is basically rehearsing something over and over again in your head, in your mind and getting a sense of it going well for you.  A sense of it going really well for you and noticing “how” that happened!

In an experiment they wired athletes up to equipment that could measure muscle power, when they asked them to imagine running a race or swimming that 200 metre race. The muscle fired up as if they were actually “doing it” that’s because the mind believed it was happening and told the body to react!

What was you body language like, the tonality of your voice?

To do this it’s a best to find a quiet place and begin by breathing, deep breathes from you belly, in through your nose and out through your mouth!

Once you feel relaxed, get a sense of what ever it is you want to rehearse (that job interview, that presentation to the board, asking that hottie out!) Begin with the starting point and imagine yourself doing this, now it’s usual to notice a dominant modality (Sight, sound, feeling!) Now run through this like it is a movie, you are the writer, director and lead in this Movie. So you make it whatever you want it to be!

You run the whole story from beginning to end. Each step, you can stop and go back anytime and change whatever you want until you feel that it’s “right” for you!  You keep doing this until you have the whole “movie” just right and play it over and over again in the movie theatre in your mind! Now you can do this as much as you want!

Now it’s not necessary to spend hours doing this and you will get quicker each time you do it! The key is to give it a go. May be start on something small first!

If you find it challenging to get a sense of a way of behaving that you would like (e.g. confidence) You may want to notice how other people operate, say you want to feel more confident, pick someone you see as confident and notice them, what they do, how their body language is, how their voice sounds etc.  Apply the Movie technique to this and get a sense of how it would be!

Once you have your Movie perfected, you have it in your mental filing system to pull out, whenever you want it! It’s a good idea to rehearse just before the activity you want to use it for! It gets easier and quicker the more you do this! You mind is a muscle exercise it!

See what happens for you and get a sense of how you can unlock the power of your mind and your imagination to support to live your dream life!


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