Transforming the media

We have just had Trans Day of Memorial (November 20th) Who remembers Lucy Meadows? Well she was a transwoman who just wanted to get on with her life as a woman, a teacher to group of primary School children, However attention from the media that a primary school teacher was going through the gender reassignment process and that the parents of the children Lucy Taught had been written to, to inform them of this was enough to get the Daily Mail in a slaver of how those poor children would suffer as a result of this. Now the school acted with in good practice by contacting the parents and actually most of them were ok with this. A small minority were not and they contacted the media (Daily Mail).

In December 2012, Richard Littlejohn writing for the Daily mail began a viscous campaign against Lucy and Lucy sadly took her own life in March 2013. Now Trans men and women are no stranger to suicide and mental health issues, being much more likely than anyone else to experience these issues. Dealing with the issues around ones gender identity is a tough one on its own leaving aside national media coverage saying that it was a disgrace that “innocent” children should be forced to accept this. How do we tell them, it’s not natural were some the questions asked.

Well in the inquest to Lucy’s death the coroner stated that the media had a huge hand to play in this “A coroner told the press “shame on all of you” as he ruled that a primary school teacher had killed herself after her gender reassignment became national news.
Michael Singleton, coroner for Blackburn, Hyndburn and Rossendale, singled out the Daily Mail as he accused the paper of “ridicule and humiliation” and a “character assassination” of Lucy Meadows, 32, who took her own life in March”
I’d ask Richard how he would explain to those children why Lucy (their beloved teacher) killed herself, why he hated her so much and why he had issues about something that was of none of his business?

I’d say the same to all the other “journalists” and media people who make it their business to conduct their transphobia in public. Even recently in the case of the boxing promoter Kelly Maloney the usual inaccurate terminology such as sex change was used. To educate themselves as the majority of people do not subscribe to their beliefs and attitudes and quite frankly its none of their business to pass judgement on an individual who has been brave enough to come out as trans and begin their journeys in their true genders

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