What’s it all about?

I am as far as I know HIV – , well I was when I tested last (April 2014) now as I haven’t really had sex since then, well to be honest the last time I fucked someone was Sept 2011. My sex life has been somewhat sparse and lacking these last few years and the topic for another blog/article.

Now one thing I can’t stand and that’s unfairness and hyprocrisy. Seriously it will get me proper mad. Now I do understand the issues HIV+ guys face, I have for the last 22 years almost since I came out been involved in HIV prevention in one way or another. I have even been in campaigns aimed at challenging stigma and discrimination aimed at gay men who are HIV+.

Now I have seen a lot of campaigns, articles and leaflets lately aimed at challenging this, however these have been unbalanced and have assumed and suggested that every single HIV+ man is a victim because every single HIV- and untested gay man is an arsehole is uneducated and will just callously reject a HIV+ the moment they discover that they’re HIV+. Now don’t get me wrong if that Is the case and men recact like that then they are indeed arseholes. However we’re not all like that and its not doing yourselves of your campaigns any favours by doing so.

We do although need to be supporting men more to deal with rejection better and telling these arseholes where to get off. But please do not demonise every negative and untested man. I can say that I have been turned down and rejected a lot by positive guys because I do not have HIV and theres no one campaigning against that no is there?

Worse I have experienced a lot of abuse and discrimination owing to a medical condition (neurofibromatosis, small and sometimes larger growths/lumps over my whole body) I was born with rather one that is contracted again I see no one coming to defence due to that! Surely if we are to challenge discrimination within our own communities towards guys who happen to have HIV, we should be challenging all discrimination towards guys who happen to have a medical condition, or perhaps a mental health condition?

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